Heron Free, M.Ed.
Calgary's Best Couples & Relationship Counselor



Are you worried that your relationship is going to fail? Have you tried everything with your partner but  he (or she) just doesn’t seem to ‘get it’ Are you worried that you are going to have to leave your partner, or that they are going to leave you?


Are you losing hope that it can work out?


If you feel less connected to your partner, if you feel stuck or find that the closeness or intimacy with your partner has been lost, then you may benefit from relationship counselling.


Marriage (aka relationship or couples) counseling is designed to increase love, understanding and help you reconnect with your partner. It is also designed to recreate a vision of how the two of you could be together long-term. This is not always possible (and not always the best choice) but an understanding of all your options is necessary to help you move forward.


Learn to communicate with your partner, get your needs met and appreciate why the two of you met in the first place. And learn what is keeping you from getting what you want in a relationship.


If your arguments and discussions never seem to go anywhere, if you are feeling  frustrated or uncertain about your future together, call Heron Free. And restart your relationship. 

Heron Free, M.Ed.
Best Couples Counselor & Relationship Therapist In Calgary

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