Being Simple

So recently I was thinking about the art of being genuine. Being genuine is very difficult for someone who has low-self esteem. because it strips you down to the bone and you feel worthless. While everyone values you being genuine, where’s the value in it? Where’s the money? How does it get you into a good relationship? You’re mind will tell you it won’t. And there is plenty of information online to tell you that you should be doing something different, somehow loving different or being different to make things happen in your life. But don’t we already know what makes us happy? Don’t we already know that simplicity is best? So why don’t we trust it?  Why can’t we just be simple? Because the mind doesn’t trust it. It doesn’t trust just saying: “I love you.’ That’s too easy. It doesn’t trust: “I’m hungry.” You have to watch you carbs and eat what you’re supposed to. And it doesn’t trust: “I’m happy and content.” As you always need to be doing something new.

But when do you rest? When do you drink in life? When do you stop your 9 to 5? Simplicity is about doing less. But who are you if you do less. How is that valuable? How does that change your life? The answer is: It doesn’t. You’re not here to change your life. Your good as you are. You’re not here to become more successful, as you already are massively successful. What you are here to do is be you. And simply that. And strip away everything you have accumulated over your lifetime that is preventing you from being that again. The art of simply being you and loving that.

For anyone who is interested in doing coaching with me around being simple, I’m giving away five free strategy sessions to help and get you going in the right direction, send me an email or drop me a line and I’ll we’ll do one in the next week or two.

Love and happiness,

Heron Free

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