Do What You Want

It’s important to do what you want. You must do what in your heart you feel is the most important thing to do right now. There will be many distractions along the way. This is normal. We are constantly having things thrown at us that take us off track. Thinking about relationships (or about not having one), browsing the Internet, worrying about what other people think, worrying about what you think, worrying about your life, these are all distractions that take you away from where you truly wish to go. These distractions take you away from the most satisfying endpoint you want to feel.

Do what you want, then you will be happy. Then you will have pride in what you have accomplished.

The mind is easily distracted. One moment we are thinking about writing a book, the next minute we are on the Internet reading about which celebrity actors didn’t marry another celebrity actor but a normal person instead.

When choosing how to live your life it is especially important that you always do what brings you the highest level of satisfaction and joy. The things that truly nurture who you are are the best food. Spend 80% of your time doing those things. The last 20% can be fun, distracting stuff. Distractions are everywhere and it’s not that you can’t allow yourself to be distracted, but over time you’ll find that you don’t get to where you wanted to go. And that is frustrating.

And so ‘Do what you want’ does not mean allow your mind to take you wherever it wants to go. The mind bores easily and any flash of colored light or candy sprinkles can get you off track. And marketers selling a product know this. Instead of working on your report, you’re now watching a cat drinking milk on Youtube, or thinking about a larger high definition TV. Everything can seem interesting at the times so it is important to differentiate between doing what you truly want and letting yourself get distracted. Doing what you want means doing the things that will change your life for the better and bring you sustained, true happiness.

To facilitate this process, sometimes just stop, calm the body and say to yourself ‘What do I really want to do right now?’ And usually the message becomes clear. it helps you get out of your head and all the distractions and down into the trueness of what you really want to be doing. Feel the weight and joy of doing exactly what you want to do. Feel the mastery and control of doing that. And do it.