Everybody is Human

Everyone is human. Everyone is having an experience, whether good or bad. Sometimes it’s up and sometimes it feels down, just like you. And it’s all okay. The softness, the sadness is what it’s all about in those times. It connects you with yourself and it connects you with love. And it does something else too, it connects you with other people. In realizing that everyone else is also having ups and downs, that we all have successes and failures, that we all cry and die, we realize we are all human. And we feel a natural empathy with others through this realization. And that helps us to connect and accept more of where we are at in our own lives right now.

“Everyone is on a great journey.” I read somewhere once, but it’s not so much about this quickness of this quote I like as the realization it generates that being human is what it’s all about.

Can you feel softness in the realization?

There are the ups and the downs. Life is like that. We are all experiencing them. And they are all fine when you are okay with them, and then eventually REALLY okay with them.

And when you realize others are also experiencing the whole thing as well, there a natural camaraderie is born. Then you can forget about perfection, forgot about competing or comparing yourself to others. Then you can just relax and find the freedom in just being you and having your own experience.

We are all here doing the same thing in one form or another. Embrace this idea and see where it goes.

We are all together, helping, learning and connecting with one another. And learning how to connect more deeply with ourselves.

That’s the path of being human in my books.

Heron Free

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