Following the Body

So what we now have is a nice paradigm to move through life, learn and make choices within it. We’re reducing worrying, reducing the distractions and stories that limited the happiness and ease that moves through ourselves. This allows us to flow more naturally with life and not get knocked out of the game.

With less drama, ideal choices become clearer, we are able to consciously choose where we wish to go, allowing our life to move to that direction. Calmly and patiently we move (Patience). Patience allows the choices we make to bear fruit and we become witnesses to what is happening within ourselves and within the world. Patience allows us to learn through the process become more aware and more empowered.

The body is the storehouse for much of this experience. Our ability to accept and come more fully into the body is a key factor is knowing what decision feels right and what decision doesn’t. We use the body as our consciousness.  We tune into how our shoulders and neck feel, our chest, our stomach, our breath. “Does my throat constrict?” The body is our greatest source of ongoing information because it is always in the present moment.

While we can live in our mind, lost in thoughts and fantasies and be almost completely disconnected from what we are doing to our bodies in the present moment, it is not ideal. Did I skip lunch? Did I zone out on my computer for the last three hours? Do I simply view the body as something to be dragged around and beat up throughout life, expecting it to always be there for me?

How much do I value my body? Its ability let me know when I’m hungry, when I need to get up to use the toilet when I need to stretch and get some blood into my legs.

Unfortunately in general, North American society doesn’t value the body beyond a tool to accomplish its mind-based goals.   It values, thought, logic and getting things done.

As we have previously discussed this is backwards thinking and in fact extremely short sighted. I have worked with hundreds of individuals with back injuries, shoulder injuries and chronic pain and almost all of them were driving their bodies to the point of abuse for years and years until finally whether because of a random situation or just simple wear and tear their body gave out.

Stress is also a common factor which we see everywhere today. People simply ramping themselves up pushing through, hoping that they will eventually see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Unfortunately that light is often a heart attack, cancer or a nervous breakdown.  Only then do people begin to understand that the body is not a simply tool of the mind to get us from point a to point b but a wondrous organic gift that allows us to feel, track and engage with all things in life at a deeper personal level.

This is the value shift we are making. And one that comes very timely with respect to love. Your mind doesn’t feel anything. It doesn’t feel emotions, it doesn’t experiences the sensations of smell, touch taste and sight. The body does. And so this is where we want to go.


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