Saying ‘Yes’ to Your Partner

One of the key approaches I have been using with couples over the last year is having them say 'yes' to their partner and not 'no'. Not: I'm right. You're wrong. Or: That's not a good idea.  When a couple comes in for counselling they often have a pretty firm idea of what the issue [...]

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How to Live 40% Slower and Accomplish More

Recently I have been working with a lot of ADHD clients and fast thinkers and I have been trying to slow them down.  I put myself in this group as well. One of the problems with the extraordinary ADHD mind is that it moves faster than reality.  We want it to be done now, without [...]

Reducing Inner Conflict

It may be surprising to know that reducing conflict within yourself is a fundamental key to true happiness. Many advanced happiness teachers and spiritual experts would argue (okay perhaps not ‘argue’) that it is the ongoing conflict we have within our mind that creates tremendous suffering. If you think back to a time today or [...]

Everybody is Human

Everyone is human. Everyone is having an experience, whether good or bad. Sometimes it's up and sometimes it feels down, just like you. And it's all okay. The softness, the sadness is what it's all about in those times. It connects you with yourself and it connects you with love. And it does something else [...]

Following the Body

So what we now have is a nice paradigm to move through life, learn and make choices within it. We’re reducing worrying, reducing the distractions and stories that limited the happiness and ease that moves through ourselves. This allows us to flow more naturally with life and not get knocked out of the game. With [...]

Bulletproof Your Positive Attitude

A friend of mine recently asked how I stay so positive. He couldn't understand how I'm able to stay upbeat and always see things in such a positive light. So let me share with you the Top Five Things you need to do to keep positive when times get tough. 1. Get Creative in Your [...]

Learning to Love

Everyone once and a while I realize the deep importance of loving in our lives and I have to talk about it. The idea of love get's thrown around a lot as a catch phrase for many thing. In this case I'm going to speak of love as love for oneself. Even this statement I'm [...]

Do What You Want

It’s important to do what you want. You must do what in your heart you feel is the most important thing to do right now. There will be many distractions along the way. This is normal. We are constantly having things thrown at us that take us off track. Thinking about relationships (or about not [...]

Top Ten Flaws Towards Work

What if all of the assumptions that underpin your vision toward success at your job were wrong?  That’s what Calgary  Registered Psychologist, Business Coach, and originator of the “Natural Man” concept and the “Happiness Perspective,” Heron Free suggests. “Even in today’s difficult economy, we ignore the realities of work-life balance often at our own peril,” [...]

The Natural Man

The Natural Man is a man who is comfortable in all areas of his life. Relationships, emotions, work, play, logic and success all flow naturally. He has become a fully integrated person and masculine human being. There is a flow to his gait, an ease to his voice, he laughs easily, play furiously and loves [...]

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