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Individual Therapy

Bad personal relationships can affect your self-esteem, an abusive childhood can leave you feeling unloved, a recent job loss can leave you feeling uncertain about your future. These are only a few examples where one could benefit from individual counselling with Heron Free.


For long-standing issues or intensely sudden ones (e.g., death, personal injury, job loss) personal counselling is recommended. It helps you address thought patterns, feelings and how you see yourself and the world. It also helps you heal, grow, feel more positive about your future, and become optimistic about your life again.


Heron Free, M.Ed. uses a very specialized and unique approach to get you moving in the right direction, using direct advice, empathy, insight and integrative psychotherapy. And he has 20 years of experience working with thousands of clients.

Counselling typically takes three or more sessions to let go of old ways of thinking and acting and replacing them with newer more positive ways of thinking and behaving. The number of sessions vary depending on your needs. However, even after the first session you’ll start feeling better.


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