Learning to Love

Learning to love is about loving yourself. Finding yourself and discovering you were always much more than you believed. It’s about love and flow. And the gift of you. It’s about acceptance of your thoughts, your situation, your flaws and your beauties.

Learning to love is about believing in yourself. Remembering who you are. Remembering the dreams and aspirations you keep inside of you. Knowing that they are an integral part of you that can never be lost, only hidden for a while. Knowing that you are an integral part of this world.

Let this love be courageous. Let this love be blind. Let this love flow like water, like the kiss on your lips. Love is your destiny.  Love is your path. Love is you. Love is all things and many more.

Learning to love is about fully loving and experiencing yourself and life on this planet.. Being present, being alive, being loving.

Let this love be you – Heron Free