Living Peace

All paths begin and end with the realization that peace is necessary. Peace offers comfort and ease on the journey. Peace internally and through a sense of integrity, strength and love, defines the world that we live in. It also offers comfort and guidance to others who have become lost or have not yet found peace within their lives.

You can not have peace unless both your mind and heart is strong, and if they are also both loving and kind. Strength in this case is resolution or knowing that the higher principles of life shape and create a world worth living in.

The essence of peace is love, flow and bliss but there is also a deep wisdom that comes with it and that is of understanding its value in helping others and helping yourself.

Without peace we become lost in lower level thinking and reactivity, primal aggression and a ‘me first’ and only philosophy. Peace is both active and inactive, it is an understanding of the situation and the ‘what’ of what is necessary to install peace in others and help others live a fruitful,harmonious life.

Peacefulness is riding the calm of the storm, peacefulness is loving a baby that cries; in all these things peace is of the utmost importance.

But one thing that is often overlooked is the statement that peace is necessary. this once again comes back to understanding its value to change the world for the good. Within a state of peace everything become possible, because the stillness of the mind emerges smoothly. A sense of integrity, honestly and love also naturally arises.

Becoming a person of peace is much like a code you adopt internally, though no petition is actually signed. It entails you to embrace the higher good, to find love and share it with others.

Peace decreases stress, anxiety and many aliments that are result of a lack of peace within ourselves. One might strive for peace internally, but helping maintain peace externally is also extremely valuable to create a better world and attain a deeper sense of self.

The path of peace: Integrity, Honor, Consciousness, Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness (Never letting anyone feel below you or above you. All equal. All the time.).