The Relationship Mastery System

Relationships Actually Work

Looking to better understand relationships,  move through past heartbreaks, and feel like you are in control of your personal relationship choices?

Heron Free's Relationship Mastery System is the answer. A propriety one-of-a-kind program that Heron Free developed over the course of 20 years in his private practice.

A trained psychologist, author and relationship expert, Heron Free has distilled relationships down to six key areas that lead to relationship success.

Relationship Mastery is offered in person for individuals and couples  and online through his online school. Heron also leads weekend Relationship Mastery Retreats throughout the year in North America and Australia.

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Calgary Psychologist, Relationship Expert & Author

Heron Free, M.Ed., R.Psych is an outside of the box thinker in the fields of personal growth and relationship counselling. Heron Free is a registered psychologist in Calgary, Alberta (#2527) and helps clients with marriage and relationship issues, workplace stress, ADHD, anxiety and depression, and life change. Heron is the author of The Relationship Code: 10 Secrets to a Successful Relationship

Heron Free has appeared on Global TV News and Shaw TV as an expert in personal relationships and human stress. Heron Free is the creator of  the Relationship Mastery System, a proven approach that helps people deeply understand how relationships actually work.

Heron has been in practice for nearly 20 years and has worked with thousands of clients over that time.