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A bad personal relationship can affect your self-esteem, an abusive childhood can leave you feeling unloved, a recent job loss can leave you feeling uncertain about your future. These are only a few examples where one could benefit from individual counselling with Heron Free. For long-standing issues or intensely sudden ones (e.g., death, personal injury, job loss) personal counselling is recommended. It helps you address thought patterns, feelings and how you see yourself and the world. It helps you heal, grow, feel positive again and become optimistic about your life.

Heron Free, M.Ed. R.Psych. uses a very specialized and unique approach to get you moving in the right direction, including using direct advice, empathy personal insight and his 18 years of experience working with thousands of clients.

Heron helps you get to the heart of the issue to create deep and lasting change in your life. A number of different techniques including: cognitive restructuring, emotional experiencing, examining how your past affects your present, letting go of fears, and challenging old ways of thinking are used to create change in personal counselling.

Counselling typically takes two or more sessions to let go of old ways of thinking and acting and replace them with newer more positive ways of thinking and behaving. The number of sessions vary depending on your needs. However, even after the first session you’ll start feeling better.

Understanding the Benefits.

Individual counselling and relationship counselling continues to pay off well after your sessions have concluded. As you begin to understand and move through your past ways of thinking and dealing with things, you learn new and more adaptive ways of dealing with life, leading to greater and greater life satisfaction.


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The World is a Record and I Am the DJ!

Facing difficulty in most aspects of my life and with a very uncomfortable feeling about myself, I recurred to Heron for help. What I found was a very professional, simple and powerful approach and techniques that revolutionized me into a new man – very far from the man I was at the time I knocked on his door for the first time or even before that. Heron helped me lift the fog that clouded my view by guiding me in becoming my true-self, my-self, the person I really am and the person I am very happy being. The feedback I recognize from the people around me is extremely positive. Thanks to Heron I found that the world is a record and I AM the DJ.
Ivan, past client