A key aspect of love and happiness is simplifying your thoughts, actions and living space.

Throughout the day our mind is constantly bombarded by excessive stimulation from what we see in the city, whom we interact with and what happens on our way to work.

Our minds become a storehouse for all these things and begin to fill up. And when we finally get to the end of the day we feel stressed, anxious and overloaded.

To continually clear out the unnecessary is paramount to achieving overall peace of mind, well being and happiness.

Sometimes it can be hard to let go of things. But if you’re hanging onto to old relationships that are no longer supporting you, let go of them. If you have old photos that keep you stuck in an unhappy place, delete them. Let go of any conflict that occurred with a stranger that you no longer need.

How’s your living space? If your place is disorganized, clean it up. How’s your head space? Let go of old thoughts and memories in your mind that make you feel poor or unhappy about yourself. Do this simplification process consciously. Get rid of old things. Let go of anything that does not support your highest level of happiness.

When you have space, you are free. You are free to explore and revel in the essence of who you truly are, and to experience all that the world has to offer. We create this space by decluttering and simplifying our lives.

Engaging in an ongoing practice of letting go of the useless and unimportant is especially needed in this day and age. With marketing and advertising everywhere, everyone wants to hook you in and sell you something new. And while sometimes this can be enjoyable, constantly being saturated by new technology, ideas and experiences causes stress.

By cleaning out your physical, mental and relationship closet, you create more space to live, be free and be happy. You worry less about the past, plan less for the future and live more in the present.

Life is about learning how to make conscious choices about what makes you happy. Let go of what doesn’t help you and focus on what does.

Heron Free, M.Ed. RCC