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Soft Couples Core Curriculum

Module 1: Soft Couple Communication Strategies

Topic 1: The Purpose of Communicating
Topic 2: How to Make Your Partner Feel Better
Topic 3: Listening without Ego
Topic 4: Transparency, Intimacy and Vulnerability
Topic 5: Assertiveness, Intuition and Boundary Setting

Module 2: The Mind

Topic 6: How the Mind Works
Topic 7: The Status Quo
Topic 8: How Roles Repeat Realities
Topic 9: Leaving Your Past Behind
Topic 10: Being Gentle with Yourself and Loving Your Partner 

Module 3: Relationship Reality

Topic 11: What’s the Purpose of Being in a Relationship?
Topic 12: The Definition of Insanity
Topic 13: Truth, Beliefs and Reality
Topic 14: What’s Your Relationship Orientation?
Topic 15: Following Joy

Module 4: Eight Layer Cake

Topic 16: A Life of Love and Self-Care
Topic 17: Health, Happiness and Fitness
Topic 18: Intimacy and Great Sex
Topic 19: Food, Shelter and Clothing
Topic 20: Purpose, Play, Relaxing and Enjoying Life

Module 5: Dreams, Visions and Outcomes

Topic 21: Attracting the Relationship You Want
Topic 22: Opening Your Mind, Revealing Your Heart, Touching Your Soul
Topic 23: Trusting
Topic 24: Being Yourself but Not Just Being You, Reaching for More
Topic  25: Your Relationship Enhancement Plan