Spicy Food Enlightenment

Life is about sampling  the different dishes that we think will make us happy. Do you like spicy food? Perhaps you’ve been told that spicy food is amazing and without trying it you can’t be happy. Maybe you’re missing out on something.

Try it out, try whatever food you wish but retain the joy of who you are during the process. Give yourself credit for what you already know, and stay conscious of your values and what you already love.

We have a tendency to want to readily give up more of ourselves than we should in the hopes of discovering the next big thing.

And if you are the person offering up the spicy dish be aware of  judging others. You might love the dish but might become upset if I don’t. You might say, “This is amazing and there’s something wrong with you if you don’t like it.”

This is simply the ego, the mental defense system that tries to keep our world static. Life is simply a fluid and sharing experience to go with.

Let’s all relax, share and be open to the truth. Then a much more delightful way of being can happen where everyone feels loved, open and respected.

Be fully present when you are trying new things, sample what you like. And in the end when you truly know yourself, you can eat with ease and pleasure from only the dishes that you love.