Relationship Intelligence 1.0
The Art of Surviving and Thriving at Work

Nowadays if you want to survive anywhere especially at work you need to be tough. With bullies and deadlines and fear of losing your job. A thick skin and not taking any person seems to be the de rigor.

But what about be more sensitive, being more aware, being more gentle and kind with each other. and ourselves.  Is there an place for this? Of course. And it truth this is the only way to cullitvate true trust, with others, including having happy staff, happier and more thriving relationships with management and with customers both old and new.

In this ground breaking talk by Relationship Intelligence Expert, Heron Free, M.Ed. Heron Free once and for all breaks down the incorrect assumption that being tougher and ignoring how you feel, leads to true success in anything you do especially at work.

With over twenty years experience in working with individuals om couples through his own private therapy practice. Heron has distilled the real truth about how to really make relationship work for you so that you feel more confident and fulfilled in anything you do.

Within this talk Heron Free breaks down the five myths that create relationship breakdown in their workplace.

1. Not Sticking to Your Values
2. Rigidity
3. Self Concept
4. Unconscious Roles
5. Loving Relationships
6. Acceptance and Availability
7. Offering Guidance