The Natural Man

The Natural Man is a man who is comfortable in all areas of his life. Relationships, emotions, work, play, logic and success all flow naturally. He has become a fully integrated person and masculine human being.

There is a flow to his gait, an ease to his voice, he laughs easily, play furiously and loves deeply. The Natural Man has moved beyond fear because he has moved out of his head. He lives primarily in his heart and holds a lightness within himself.

He arrives in the present moment, letting whatever situation is happening arrive naturally. And when it does, he feels it, understands it and / or lets it go. He responds naturally to himself and whatever arrives and deals with it accordingly.

He has left his head, no longer relying on stereotypes and self-limiting beliefs to dictate what he can or can not feel. He has disregarded what he should or should not think or how he is permitted or not permitted to behave.

The Natural Man has become his own man but works with others in the process. He strikes when interested, holds what he values deep in his heart and defends what he knows is important.

The Natural Man also lets things go, knows that life is an ongoing journey and that while at times structure and rigidity is important, everything brittle will decay and anything made permanent and cemented in destroys the flow of life, the flow of joy and laughter lies deeply in his heart.

The Natural Man is a poet, a philosopher, a lover and a fighter in that order. Though he understands that priorities sometimes change and to protect the highest good one must always remain spontaneous and flexible in action.

The Natural Man loves his lovers, honors and appreciates his friends and understands the value of family. By learning and growing he sees the true value of things more and more clearly over time.

The Natural Man is a purveyor of independent thought though does not seek to crush the opinions of others but looks to embrace and grow from them and appreciate the voice of someone who would dares to speak their truth. The Natural Man knows when to stand up and when to behave. He treats others with compassion to the best of his ability and treats himself likewise. He is comfortable forgiving himself.

The natural man is an ongoing creation, a reconstruction and redesign of himself. It is a journey back to understanding the heart, with love, insight and wisdom making him a better person, happier and more free. The Natural Man’s goals are to fully enjoy and embrace the present moment, change the world by following his life purpose in any way and laugh and enjoy himself along the way.

The Natural Man is you.