Bulletproof Your Positive Attitude

A friend of mine recently asked how I stay so positive. He couldn’t understand how I’m able to stay upbeat and always see things in such a positive light.

So let me share with you the Top Five Things you need to do to keep positive when times get tough.

1. Get Creative in Your Thinking.

Unexpected things happen. Staying positive is really about being able to look at a situation and changing your perspective to keep yourself feeling good about it. And sometimes you’re going to have to get really creative on your interpretations of those events. “It’s great that you lost your job!” may be a way to look at a recent job loss. You could see losing your job as an opportunity to do what you finally want, to purse your life passion. Finding that silver lining in discouraging events will serve you well on your road to staying positive.

2. It’s About You.

Positivity is really all about one thing: You. At an individual level you need to be an upbeat and positive person. You have decide if you are going to let the world teach you that nothing works out or instead that all situations are opportunites for learning and discovery.

It’s easy to find negativity around you, in the newspapers, on TV, with people you meet, but you can’t wait for those things to change before you start feeling good about things. Sometimes you have to go deeper within yourself to see a better perspective; sometimes you need to not take things so seriously. But there’s always a way that you can bring more light to your situation.

3. Hold On To Your Vision.

We all have an ideal vision of how we would like to see ourselves in the world: Being happy, content and surrounded by friends are just a couple of examples. For some of us that vision lies right at the surface, for others it’s down deep. But all of us carry an ideal vision because at the core we all feel things are going to get better.

When bad things happen, to maintain your vision, avoid overgeneralizing what occurred. Stay situation specific. If your ex-girlfriend (boyfriend) left you heartbroken, don’t generalize and say, “You can’t trust women,” say, “My last girlfriend hurt me.” If you make a mistake at work don’t say, “I’m a failure at everything,” instead replace it with, “that one thing I did today wasn’t very bright.”

Minimize the damage and move on from it. You can adjust your vision slightly given the realities of life but protect your core vision of happiness, because that vision keeps you moving forward and feeling good when times get tough.

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