Top Ten Flaws Towards Work

What if all of the assumptions that underpin your vision toward success at your job were wrong?  That’s what Calgary  Registered Psychologist, Business Coach, and originator of the “Natural Man” concept and the “Happiness Perspective,” Heron Free suggests.

“Even in today’s difficult economy, we ignore the realities of work-life balance often at our own peril,” he says. “If anything, a difficult economy and a tight job market makes us want to sweep any potential dissatisfaction under the rug even further. When this continues indefinitely we become discouraged and get farther away from end goal of true happiness.

Heron discusses the top ten flaws in business thinking that you must challenge in order to be happy at work:

  1. You can’t be totally happy at work.
  2. A job promotion should always be accepted.
  3. You should just be grateful that you are working.
  4. Keep your head down, work harder and things will eventually improve.
  5. Everyone else knows what they’re doing.
  6. My boss or my coworker will eventually change.
  7. My family and children will understand.
  8. I’m too busy to change.
  9. You have to be practical in terms of where and why to work.
  10. You can’t work less and still be successful.

“The underlying lesson,” says Free, “is to never accept or settle for anything less than perfect happiness in work and in life. And the good news is that it’s possible with just a small shift in your thinking.”