Allowing Things to Happen

When you allow things to happen you allow life to happen.

Things move, things grow, things change

A deep sense of allowance, allows you to move through this experience JOYously. The body moves, the mind moves, life moves and you feel and enjoy it.

Life works in your favour, wait and allow things to happen… underneath life is happening, let it be revealed.

Allow it to happen and embrace it when it does. You are being taken on a journey, a journey you do not yet understand but they all lead to happiness. All of them lead to love and contentment, joy and peace.

Oh lover I embrace you.. i can not tell you how.. but the love i feel it intense like the ocean, sweet like the sea.

Do not allow do not block simply allow the joy of loving begin happening.. Allowing occurs at a deep level not a superficial one. Allowing occurs easier when we accept and are hopeful when you laugh and love with a belly stuck in your throat. Still and hungry, happy.  Settle into your body, feeling safe and secure.

When this happens we feel part of something more, and the infinite knowledge of the universe is caressing you, love, all, one things.

Allow things to happen, allow life to happen, ,..  feel it in your bones>  LOVe it in your heart.